Sumthink.Co founders Buse Oner and Cansin Sevindik met at a friend reunion and clicked at that moment. Both passionate for fashion, started their company to share their witty, comfortable and cozy style with everyone out there.

They say “ we’ve launched our brand to provide visitors from all around the world with quality and comfort with affordable prices. Each and every design we create is carefully handled from start to finish by us, putting our visitors’ approach first. We don't like the word “customer” because what we believe is everyone visiting our website or IG is a potential friend and we always take good care of our friends. According to Tolstoy all great stories start in two ways; either a person starts a journey or a stranger comes to town. We have started our new journey and waiting to meet with lots of strangers to make them friends..

Started as a summer garment company , is now expanding their collection to winter. 




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